Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Season coming to an end.

As the season comes to a close, here are a couple of left over pictures. Josh loves the way our house looks in the snow and lights. He wants to do more, but we can only do a little at a time. Lights on the pond. We didn't make it to Temple Square this year, but the kids didn't mind. It was nice because it was warm enough to walk around the pond. It was a fun activity.

The kids and Cheetos, what kid doesn't love Cheetos. They have fun together.
Dinner anyone? The kids were so cute that night. They even took some of my mums that were still blooming in December, and put them in the little vase for the table.

I never put a picture up of our tree. It turned out very lovely. This weekend everything gets put away. I love the song on the CD The Forgotten Carols "I cry the day that i take the tree down, i want the season to last all year round"
I hope everyone had a great year. And reflect on the blessing of this past year. WE have been so blessed this year. All our love The Smiths

Friday, December 26, 2008

Some odds and ends

Here a few of odds and ends pictures. Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures Christmas We always take the video camera out, and we forgot about just some pictures.

Well last Sunday, Clayton was sick so we stayed home from Church, I know he doesn't look sick. But he had "the runs". So I told him it was time to change his diaper, and he ran and hid(first time) I found him under the kids bunk bed laughing so hard. It was so cute, i wish to video taped it. Wyatt and Hailey in front of our Christmas tree.

And here is the picture of the two boys and their hair. Wyatts isn't to much blonder, you have to look closer, next time maybe i will keep it on longer. Josh's turned out really good. And he got new glasses, so its kind of a new and fresher look.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bleach Blondes

Josh was really blonde as a kid, and when i met him he always had the blonde tips. Well, over the last couple of years, we stopped doing it. Well, my lovely Sister in law Camille has taught me how to cut my boys hair and now has taught me how to highlight there hair. Wyatt is already blonde, but we took it a shade lighter on the top, very cute. And Josh's hair over the year has become sort of brown. His turned out great too. I will have to take some pictures. I'm thinking one day when the kids are all in school, I will go to Cosmetology school.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Grosgrain: Tree Lighting Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Another beautiful give away. I sure hope one day, Hailey will win one of her creations.

Grosgrain: Tree Lighting Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Snow bunnies

We have been having a snow storm every other day..its been fun! Wyatt and Caden built their first snowman all by there selves. Sledding down our steep driveway.

Boy do i love all the fun we have in the snow, but i don't look forward to driving in it. I guess Josh just needs to teach me. I don't even dare to do a Everything is going good for the Smith family, Josh has two weeks off..which is so nice. And i have to finish up a few things for Christmas..i'm working on our families pajamas. And i have to make two Tutus before Christmas, so i have my work cut out for me. I can't wait for Christmas.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Its official, Wyatt has his first crush. A little girl in his preschool class. She is a very cute and a funny girl. I think that is why Wyatt likes her. Because in his words "shes funny". He wants to get her phone number so she can play. Maybe that's why he loves preschool He is so funny about her, he wants to get her a little Christmas present. He is a very sweet boy just like his dad.

Lucky Day!

Hailey and her first lucky day. Yesterday morning Hailey said "Mom I want some orange juice", I replied "Well, this must be your lucky day because that is what we have!" From than on, Hailey said it was her "Lucky day". It continued to be lucky in her eyes, her friend Cassie came to play that morning, and she even got to go to a Pajama birthday party that night. Yesterday, She even told her Grandpa that it was her "first lucky day". What amazed me was how one word, changed everything about that day. So from now on, everyday is a lucky day. Because we are really lucky or should i say Blessed. Yes, Blessed we are very blessed.

Monday, December 1, 2008

New Tradition

This year I decided to do something a bit different
for Thanksgiving! I borrowed a couple smokers
to cook the turkeys. They were so tasty! I read up on smoking turkeys and found some
good brine recipes, we soaked the turkeys in the
brine for 24 hrs then we put a wet rub herb recipe
on the turkeys. We used 2 different recipes for the turkeys. I
soaked the cherry wood and mesqiute wood chips
for 24 hrs using one for each turkey.
They turned out so good that we are going to smoke
a turkey every year!

Everyone that tasted the turkey said it was the
best turkey they had ever tasted. It took alot
of work but tasted sooooo goood!

posted by Josh


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving week with my brother and his family. And sadly we didn't take any pictures until the last night they were there. Crazy. We need to do a better job. We had such a wonderful time. Josh smoked two turkeys this year, and they were wonderful! I think it will be come a Thanksgiving tradition. I will let josh talk more about his turkeys in another post. I'm so greatful for my family. They are everything to me, so when they do come to town I savor the moment just a little bit longer. I'm greatful for my Savior Jesus Christ, he has blessed me and my family and friends more times than i can count. I"m greatful for my wonderful kids...they are such a joy in my life. Some days i feel like they are teaching me more than i am teaching them. David, Danica, Jensen, and little Lily. We saw the town light parade and went to the city center to have donuts and hot chocolate and of course Santa. So here are our families waiting in the cold...Lucky it wasn't like Illinois cold.

Mommy and Hailey

My kids were so brave this year, they weren't not a afraid talking with Santa.

Clayton wasn't having it this year, maybe next year. He did enjoy the candy.
Poor Lily, it was so cute though. Great picture.

And of course, we always need a cousin bath. Except Wyatt was getting to old for that, he is a big man now, and big men take showers.