Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Today was the Easter Egg hunt that my morgage company puts on every year. Its always packed. As much as my kids love easter they do not like the Easter bunny. So I have no pictures of my kids and the Easter bunny. But we were lucky enough to have David, Danica and their kids come with me and the kids(josh was sleeping, recovering from the night shift). So I have some great pictures of them. The kids were so tired and it was pretty cold, i don't think they enjoyed it this much this year. But they sure loved the candy!
Such a good looking family, we sure are going to miss them when they move to Denver. We enjoy see them every couple of months.

The kids are warming up in the car after being so cold.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Wyatt got his cast off and the pins taken out. He is slowly using his arm. But today I took Clayton and Wyatt in for their check ups. The doctor was concerned about wyatts arm and the fact that Wyatt doesn't have any Physical Therapy. So i have to call the doctor about that. All the kids are health. We look forward to this weekend. David and Danica are coming to the Easter egg hunt. And in a couple of weeks we are going to see Mom and Dad. Yippy! The kids are really excited. Davide is graduating and we are driving to Idaho to see them. Plus we are getting family pictures done for the first time. We are so excited! I can't wait to see how they turn out. So life is good, weather is beautiful.

The many faces of my kids

Clayton is growing up very fast. I think he wants to be just like Wyatt. He started to the "inch worm crawl" And he has been trying to pull him self up. He is such a silly boy. He loves it when the kids fight, he laughs at it. And he doesn't like baby food either. He likes normal table food.
Hailey has such a cheesy smile.
Hailey also got herself dressed. She is such a goof ball. She is so funny.

Wyatt and his awesome skateboard. I guess we should have rethought the skateboard. We are worried he might brake his other arm.

For New Beginnings I taught one of the Laurels to make some value flags. They turned out great and the kids had fun with the extra fabric.

So let me tell you what the Smith Family has been up too. A couple of weeks ago we got the Smith family together and took some pictures of the grandkids. Josh's mom has 8 grandkids now, her house is filling right up. Ok, here we have going left to right. Kamika is holding his sister Milea(spelling?). Wyatt is holding Clayton. Hailey is holding Briley(Abbys baby). Carly is holding her sister Halle.

This is Uncle Ryan, Brileys daddy. Clayton is two months older than Briley.

Clayton is surrounded by little girl cousins, poor kid. Left to right: Milea, Briley, Clayton, and Hailee. Milea and Halle are about 5 days apart, they were born in Feburary. Briley was born around Christmas time. Clayton was born in Sept.