Saturday, October 31, 2009

Its official we have.......

the H1N1 strain in our home. Funny thing is Josh was the one who brought it home, not the kids. Josh went to the doctor and said he has one of the many strains of the H1N1. They didn't test him, i don't know why. Crazy, I figured our time was coming because like half our neighborhood has it. Fevers started last night for all of the kids. At least they are all getting it at the same time. Any tips or home remedies would be great. So life moves on.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Some wedding arrangements and some treats

I love fall time! Especially the yummy treats! These are the Oreo eyeballs. Its just a package of Oreos and a package of cream cheese. Just grind up the oreos and mix up it up with the cream cheese. Make little balls dip in almond bark, decorate as you like. mmmm, sooo good. These turned out soo cute. And I stressed about it so much. I was so worried that I wouldn't have enough flowers, especially the big vases. But it turned out very cute!

Pumpkin Patch Time

Its that time of year again, where we go out and find the perfect pumpkin. And as always, the pictures are not in order. We went out on a Saturday morning before the rush. And I'm so glad we did because there was quite a line when we got back.
This one of Clayton was after we found our pumpkins but it cracks me up. He was in deep thought of how he wanted to crave his pumpkin this year.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Creative ideas.

So we have been doing a little creative decorating. We did some painting. Which added some great color to our house. We love this color! So our entryway has some character. We have wood on the ceiling, some red and than our brown, or whatever color you would call it.

I also had the opportunity to do some wedding centerpieces. I love them, they turned out so cute.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fun with Grocery smarts!!

I LOVE grocery shopping. I guess I should say, I love !!!! I think I might have said something about this in the past. I went shopping today. My budget is usually a 100 a week. I'm in the stock up mode right now. Which means I'm spending the same, but I'm getting soo much more. We finally have food storage with out spending extra. So last week there really weren't any good sales so I just spent 50 on some odds and ends. I'm so glad I did because it gave me an extra 50 for this week. So, the grand total of grocery bill was 139.65(This includes shampoo and cleaning supplies, not just food). This DOES include all my price matching and coupons. But this is the fun part. 268.15 was the total if I DID NOT price match or use any coupons.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


This post reminded me of a story of my little brother David. We dared David to do a lot of things. And one time we dared him to eat a ton of ketchup packets. I actually think he did this more than Clayton got some ketchup packets the other day and had them in his pocket. He really wanted to eat cracked us up. We also cut Claytons hair. I didn't mean to cut all the curls off...he looks like a little boy now. It will grow back right..?!?!

Grouse Hunting

Josh took Wyatt and Kayden grouse hunting the other day! They had so much fun. And of course they caught something. Just always laughs when i say did you catch something...I guess you really don't catch it. The boys loved hiking around and they were the ones to spot the grouse first.

We wanted to share this picture. Our neighbors did it with their bike trailer. It was fun. The kids thought it was awesome.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The big 3 0!

Josh turned the big 30 this last week. We didn't do to much on his birthday but I did make a yummy French Silk pie...mmmmm pie so yummy!! The kids wondered why we didn't put 30 candles on the pie. Well we told them we didn't want to start a fire and it would ruin the pie. So we just stuck with one candle. We played the game Hot and cold for him to find his present. We got him some new dress pants and shirts. But the real present was on Saturday. We went to the Killers concert. It was awesome. That will be for another post. Even though its a late post for his birthday, I wanted to say that I love him and love and appriecate all the hard work he does for me and our little family. He is a wonderful hubby and daddy. And everything in between.

"mmmm...pie. It was so good!" Wyatt said.

The Salamander Pond

We took a Saturday and went up the canyon to the salamander pond. Its about a 45 minute drive up the canyon. It was so pretty leaves were starting to change. It was a pretty eventful. Everyone got dirty!! And of course like always I put them in backwards. So we will start at the end of my lovely We brought a picnic lunch up the canyon. And it was to cold so the kids sat in the car to stay warm.

Wyatt was the last one to get get stuck in the mud. And he was really upset about it because he thought he was being careful.

This is Clayton's flip flop stuck in the was so funny.
Josh trying to wash his foot off in the water.
Hailey was the first one to get dirty.
Josh washing her foot off. She was crying so was so sad but yet so funny.
This is the salamander pond. And yes, it did have salamanders in it. but all around the edges of the pond is mud. And there were a ton of cows in a grove of trees by the pond. Even though the kids got really dirty. They all had fun and want to go back. Wyatt said he is going to wear his cowboy boots so he can get dirty...because with cowboy boots your And just a side note. Wyatt loves to wear his cowboy boots to school with his pants tuck inside of them. It cracks me up. I will have to get a picture of that.
And of course the beautiful mountains.