Saturday, April 19, 2008

Clayton's cuteness

Here are is a cute picture of our little man. He is so independent. He wants to eat by himself, he gets so mess. And the last two weeks, he has been pulling himself up to standing position. The video is so cute, its him doing the stink bug crawl.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Our Road Trip

All right, I must laugh at myself. I don't think i will ever get these pictures in order. Oh well. So we went to Idaho for my brother's graduation and to see my parents who drove from Illinois. My kids loved seeing Grandma and Grandpa. It was such a lovely time. My kids keep asking when we are going to have our next adventure with Grandma and Grandpa. We are actually going to go to Moab with Josh's family in two weeks. The kids are looking forward to that. So here we are in the hotel.

Wyatt swimming. He loved it. He would hold on the edge and go around and around the pool. Which was really good for his arm. Today we got a brace for his arm to help stretch it out. I hope it works well.

Handsome Clayton. We have some cute videos to post up.

The kids were so darn cute sleeping together.

We went to play place. The kids had so much fun. There were balls, slides and a make believe place. Hailey loved to play in the make believe place.

More swimming pictures.
This is the only thing Clayton loved about the pool. He didn't like swimming with me or dad and he didn't like the hot tub(I didn't put him all the way in, way to hot)
Cute Hailey, she makes me laugh.

More pictures at the play place.

Cousin Jensen, He is such a silly, sweet boy.

This picture was taken by Wyatt, he did a wonderful job. This place was on BYU idaho campus. Its the rock room. My brother David studied all of this stuff, and i know i'm not doing it justice. My brother graduated in Geology. My kids thought it was neat to see all the cool rocks.

This was a dinasaur museum we went to. Here the kids finding dinasaur bones and pretty rocks.

You got to love the kids sleeping in the car. Maybe i could get a little sleep.

Oh no sleep for Wyatt.
This is a picture of Danica and Jensen(Davids wife and son) I want to say congrats to my brother and his hard work. But I want to also say congrats to Danica. This is Davids better half. She was working hard keeping house and keeping kids health and happy. While david went to school and when he was gone on his internships. I looked forward to their many trips to Utah. I will miss them. They recently moved to Colorado. Good luck to them!
Oh these are some rocks that Wyatt took pictures of. The squares in this rock are actually natural...they are not man made. Its amazing what this earth can produce.

Its about time!

Ok, I know this is so out of order. Oh well, deal with it. We are starting on our yard. This may be all that we actually do this year. Rock walls are expensive. But we had to do it. So in this picture they are working on the back yard. We had to cut the cement on our back porch so we can get the machine back there. Can't wait to fill those two levels with bushes and flowers. It will be so pretty!
The other side of the rock wall. We didn't do two levels we wanted more yard on the side of the house.
The big bull dozer.
The side dumper. The kids thought it was awesome!

My kids and the neighbor kids watching the side dumper

Digging out all the dirt. We dumped it all at his dads house, we are so lucky he had room for dirt.