Friday, January 2, 2009

We love dancing!

We had our neighbors over to play today. They had so much fun. They ended up playing Princes and Princesses. Its like they already knew how to ballroom dance. It was so cute and so fun to watch(don't mind the mess, they were having fun) And Wyatt has a new crush, our neighbor Brooke. He is writing her a note right now. So cute! And she is 2 years older than he is. I love the kids creativity.

Finishing the Basement

We have been working on framing our basement, this is Haileys room. She is ready to move in right now without sheetrock, carpet or paint.This is Wyatts room and he wants to move in right now too.

This our our huge family room. All the bedrooms are really good sized. So when we get done we will have 5 bedrooms and 3 baths. We really love this house.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

more holiday

This is on our way to Great Grandmas house. We took the long way there.

The Holidays

This is the day after Christmas, when it snowed like crazy. It was so much fun. We went to Grandma and Grandpas and spent the day out on the 4-wheelers.

Wyatt and Hailey trying to get back on the sled

We stayed out most of the day. Wyatt didnt want to come inside