Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Feeling a bit Nostologic

So with the last couple days being so nice outside I took the opportunity to get the ol' Bronco going again. I have had this old beast since I was 15! In fact our first date was in the ol Bronco, with our anniversary comming up, and the cool weather outside, I have been reminiscing about the past. This thing has been everywhere! I know its not much to look at, it used to look brand new! But oh the fun we have had! It has had a tree fall on it in the middle of the forrest, its hit a few trees itself, I have rolled it in Moab and its been wrecked 2 times in high school. 1 was my fault but the other wasnt! The one that was my fault I actually got thrown out and broke 2 bones and shattered 3 more in my left foot, CRAZY!
I have been pulled over in this old beast more times then any other vehicle, it does sound like a race car. I have gotten 1 exibition- street racing ticket, oops!

The gas gage has never worked, I cant count the times that we have ran out of gas.... Sometimes we lucked out and coasted to a gas station. I have had a few flats on it too. One time we had to hike like 6 miles out, in the middle of winter in the middle of the desert and luckily ran into someone!

I have been stuck so many times that I cant count that either! The back is chuck full of chains, ropes, straps, cables, come alongs shovels and tons of other stuff! I cant count how many people that I have gotten unstuck either, like the people from california on new years eve up payson canyon playing around in four bay, they might have stayed there all night.

The many Easter Jeep safaris and countless trips to Moab, where we would sqease 5 of my buddies in the bronco and everyone pitched in for gas, that made for a real cheap trip! Then busting the bronco on the dump bump and had to get it fixed to drive home, that one was not so cheap!

The time that I had a blind date with this girl named Marybeth, at first glance, looked a bit stuck up! As the night wore on and we got to know each other a little bit, the first glance wore off and i began to see something else. We went up Santaquin canyon to the privateer mines and went exploring in the mines... something that I have done since a wee lad. Roasted hot dogs and mallow and shot the handguns..... which by the way first glance she thought I was a total redneck! luv u hon

Monday, August 30, 2010

Clayton's art gallery

We had fun this morning. He was on a role. He thought it was the coolest to put it on the wall for everyone to see. Love that little guy!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Diamond Castle

Hailey LOVES the movie Barbie and the diamond castle. Well, she got in her head that she wants one. A REAL diamond castle.

So the other day i guess she asked Josh, and Josh doesn't really remember the conversation. But apparently he said yes. So with excitement she had to tell her BF. And i quote from her BF mom "Oh my gosh! Hailey told Madi yesterday that Josh said she could have one and they both starting screaming with excitement at the top of their lungs. I had to go see if someone was bleeding out the head?! Madi keeps talking about how she can't wait 'til Hailey gets it and they can play with it...not to mention wondering when she'll get her own?! Those two are such girls! :)"

I think its adorable, and i don't have the heart to say "sweetheart, you won't be getting that diamond castle", I hate to break her hopes and dreams. So, i simply told her "When you grow up and save your money you can build that diamond castle"

Well today Wyatt told Hailey "Diamond castles aren't real"(I know he is such a great big brother..lol) Oh the tears just came down so hard. I just reassured her that she can build it if she wants to when she is old enough. We than started talking about how beautiful temples were just like the diamond castle. Hailey is such a big dreamer and head strong, that i know one day she will have that diamond castle. Gosh i love her.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sympathy arrangement

Its been forever since i have done an arrangement. I have been having withdrawals. My mother-in-law works for the elementary school and they always need flowers now and again, well, I'm get to do it this year. So, they needed a sympathy arrangement for this weekend.
P.S. I'm down 16 pounds.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Santaquin days

We love Santaquin days, I'm sad i didn't take more pictures. I forgot my camera on lots of stuff. We went to the car show, the kids love it because of all the cool cars, obviously.

I was going to take a picture with them in front of this huge truck, but they had naked women painted on the top of the hood...not ok..so we did a side picture.

Wyatt did his second bike race. He loves doing it, we need to practice more on ruff roads. there was only a couple of other kids doing it this year, unlike last year. Way to go wyatt.

Here is Clayton and Wyatt having fun on the back of the bronco, and our neighbor Carson. They are always doing something.
This year, i did the 5k here in Santaquin. I did alright, i finished it, so that's good. I did a 5K like 10 years ago, and i beat my time from 10 years ago. Crazy.
P.S. I'm down 15 pounds.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eating right

Today, I'm working on consuming enough veggies and fruits for my body to work at its best. So, far so good. So to this day, I'm down 11 pounds. I love running, I love biking. And it the next couple of weeks, I'm going to start swimming. Any tips on swimming let me know. I'm not a swimmer. Loving the challenge! What are u eating?