Friday, March 27, 2009

Mary, Mary, how does your garden grow.

Ok, obviously the first picture isn't about my garden, I guess they are a garden in a way. They grow and i have to feed them for them to survive. Its our own personal little garden. The boys are really growing fast and Clayton wants to be like his big brother Wyatt. Here is my first grow box. There are all ready things i should of done differently but that's alright. There is always next year. I do have my peas planted. I need to do some more planting here soon. But here it is. I'm really excited and so are the kids. My only hope is that I will be an amazing gardener like my dad.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

This topic has been on my mind for quite sometime. This past Sunday, in Relief Society, the lesson was on Prayer, actually Sacrament was on Prayer and Scripture study too. It became a day of hope for me. I wish I could remember where the talk came from that they shared in Relief Society, but it was on Prayer. What stood out for me in the talk was praying for everything your thankful for, daily, and don't ask for one thing. I have never looked at doing it that way. It seems we always pray for things we are thankful for and than go on with things we need. For me it has never been a pray of just THANKS. So after church, I decided to do just that with our family. I came home and did a personal prayer of Thanksgiving. Than at bed time we did our family pray of thanksgiving. And as we knelt down as a couple to pray that night it was an amazing feeling of thanksgiving. When we were done josh and I were both in tears. Yes Josh It was such a wonderful feeling. I feel as if we have received blessings that we haven't even ask for. And we have received more answers. So my food for thought seems to be. Take the time to pray and only pray for things you are thankful for. And do it daily, and oh how you will feel your load lighter that day.

Monday, March 23, 2009


So i have had a hard time blogging lately. Its not that we haven't had things to blog about. I just seem to read everyones blog and run out of time updating my own. So I need to jump right back on to that horse and start again. So I'm slowing going to catch up. That way i won't be overwhelmed. I also wanted to start again with the days of the week and there themes. So today is MEMORY MONDAY. I thought i need to write about Clayton.

Isn't it funny when you have your first baby you have so many pictures and video of them..but than when it comes to your 3rd and the seems you slack a bit. I also blame it on the digital world. I don't have any physical pictures to hold. Its all on the computer.

Well on to Clayton. He has grown up so fast and i wonder where it went. Clayton is almost 19 months old, in this picture and he has great hair. Its a mix between Wyatt and Hailey. Wyatt has that great thick hair and Hailey of course has the curls and Clayton got both. And he has these great big blue eyes that could knock your socks off. Clayton loves to babble,and he knows a lot of words..but the biggest was the other day. He ran up to me and hug me and said, clear as day "I love you!" Josh was there to and he heard it and understood it. It brought tears to my eyes. He is such a sweet little boy. And he adores horses, just like his big brother Wyatt who wants to be a cowboy when he grows up. He is just these amazing little boy. I'm so thankful that he was able to come to my family and share his special spirit with us. We love our little "Clay, Clay".