Thursday, February 21, 2008

birthday video

This is Wyatts birthday video, Sorry we didn't put it up sooner. He has been wanting to put it up. Also in the back round, you see the beautiful bookshelf and cabient that Josh built for me. He is so crafty! We will have to post some of josh's work. He is building a new picture frame for a picture we have.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All smiles despite the circumstance.

Pretty GROSS!!

Today we spent the morning getting Wyatts split off and a cast on. We took some pictures, you normally don't see stuff like this. Wyatt has three pins in his arm. They will remove the pins when he gets his cast off in four weeks. I think taking pictures helped relieve the stress off of Wyatt. And he got to pick out his favorite ice cream when we were done. Wyatt being silly!

Taking the splint off.


Here are pictures of the snowman josh's brothers and brother inlaws made in their back yard. Wyatt and Hailey helped out a bit. It is 15 feet tall. Which i think is about 4 or 5 feet bigger than last years snowman. Its awesome!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wyatts Party!

I realized that i should have put the pictures in the opposite order..oh well there here. This is Clayton in his jumper. He is five months old, eating cereal and he has his first tooth.
Here is my little bat girl, she had a hard time with wyatts birthday, she is already planning her party for june.

Everyone enjoying cake.

Happy Birthday Wyatt, he is now the big 4 years old!

The cute cake Jackson's mom made. She put a bean in the cake and who ever found it won the bat juice(ibc root beer) The boy that found it didn't even eat his cake we had to dig through it because no one had found it and the cake was gone. Wyatt and Jackson opening presents!

Flying the bat planes. The bat cave was a hit!

The kids flying their bat planes.
Here is our bat cave. They had fun flying their bat planes in the cave Here we are playing stomp the bad guy. There were bad guys on the balloons. It was fun. The balloons were really hard to pop and there was candy in them.

They found all the puzzel pieces and we were figuring out what bad guys they found.

We played a lot of games. Here are the boys all suited up for there "mission".

Everyone is dressed up for the party. We gave out mask and bat capes. It was so fun!
Everyone is working hard on decorating their bat planes.

The Birthday Boy! Isn't he so handsome.

My craftyness

Here are some of my newest projects that i just finished in the last month. This quilt is for Wyatts bed! It turned out really cute! I made new pillow cases for my pillows and i think they turned out really nice. They are a lovely contrast with each other and our couch.