Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pumpkins and Halloween

So we are so lucky! We got to celebrate Halloween for two days. And of course the pictures are in a crazy order. Any ways, Hailey wanted to be a cheerleader this year and Wyatt and Clayton wanted to be Ben 10. We had a lot of fun making Ben 10 shirts. These pictures were on Saturday. We did our Trunker Treating and we got rained out. So we came home and had dinner. The rain cleared up and were were able to go trick or treating. Our neighborhood is awesome.

Oh and this year we had a candy fairy come and whatever candy they left, they got money for it. So they can buy or toy...or Clayton said "buy candy"..not what i was thinking, but its his
Our annual family party this year was on Sunday...Yes this is my sexy mechanic with a blond funny!
Baby Kiley with the wig...This is Jesse and Camille's little girl...she is soooo CUTE!!

Hailey with the wig and my beard...YEs i was the bearded women from the circus. It was fun.

The kids back from trick or treating...we were lucky enough to have cousins come join us this was so much fun!
Pumpkin carving! The kids love this.

And here is our only picture we got from picking our pumpkins...our battery died :(
Ps...i still don't have a great picture of my weight loss...but i am down 31 pounds, just in case anyone is wondering. One of these days i will do a before and after...Oh and i can out run my feels good to keep up with them.