Thursday, February 11, 2010

Haileys sweetness

This is what my sweet Hailey said to me today
"I can't stop loving you"

I feel the same way I can't stop loving her and my other two.

Happy and sad times!

A couple of weeks ago, there was a funeral and i got to do a funeral arrangement. And with the left over I was able to do a little birthday arrangement for a really good friend of mine. It was a lot of fun. I had not done a funeral arrangement since my class. But i think it turned out great! Except, most of my flowers were not bloomed yet. So i got some tips from the warehouse on how to get them to open. First I put them in pretty warm water, than I got my trusty blow dryer out. And for over an hour, on and off, I used my blow dryer on my They actually started to open up a bit. Not completely, but I actually watch my flowers bloom.

Which was actually really cool!!! The flowers didn't know it wasn't sunny, they felt it. They felt it by the warm water and the blow dryer. They automatically know what to do. They opened up and they flourish. So I kind of relate this to our testimonies. When we know the gospel is true, we feel it. And our spirits automatically know what to do. We begin to open up and we flourish. And than Christ can use us as a tool in his ultimate plan.

I wish I was able to see it in complete bloom. I guess that's what the savior can see in us. He knows the end from the beginning. What do you want to look like when you are completely bloomed?

Training our kids to be Ninjas or Nachos

Kids just being kids! We have been training are kids to be cage just kidding. The kids were just having fun with our mask we got from their uncle Zack from Mexico.

Clayton makes the cutest little ninja.
Notice the gloves(socks) they are wearing