Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Little Helpers

We have such good helpers, I'm thankful for them I was going through some older pictures and here is a great one of them when they were younger. They were always great helpers and good friends.

Posted by Josh

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Wordless Wednesday"

Josh's 72 Ford Bronco(Moab)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We went and enjoyed the mud in pole canyon just
minutes from our house then spent hours cleaning the mud
from all over the durango, Snow is much cleaner!

This is a trail that goes from pole canyon to mona it tested
the limits of the "ol" durango, the bronco(1972 ford bronco) was jealous!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Annual Halloween party!

Every Halloween, Camille and Jesse do a family party. It is such a great time! Wyatt was a cowboy this year, two years ago he was a cowboy too. I made his chaps and vest this year...I didn't like the material I used so maybe next time I will find some different material. But it did turn out cute, and he loved i guess it doesn't matter.

Hailey loves trying on wigs its really funny.

Donuts anyone, Hailey got really into it this year.
Food, Food, and more food. Camille does a wonderful job with the food.

Josh's brothers always do a good job at Halloween time. Rock and Roll stars.

I made brileys costume this year, I saw it online and it was going for 80 bucks...crazy. It turned out really cute. She is the cutest pumpkin i have ever seen.

The kids all dressed up.

Clayton didn't really like his costume. Wyatt wore it when he was little. I thought it was really cute.

Pumpkins, pumkins all around!

Lots of past pictures to update.

All i have to say about carving pumkins is, its fun for a little while, than the kids get tired of it, and Mom and dad end up finishing them. But they sure love doing it. Maybe next year we will do what our friends Jon and Chrissy did with their pumpkins...they carved them with power tools...sounds like fun!

More family pictures!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cutest kids in the world

We did big family pictures a little while ago. We have never done professional pictures with our kids, this is a first. They turned out really cute, but we have really cute kids anyways. A mom can brag can't she. All the family members we are working on getting your CDs to you.

Very Refreshing

We have all seen on the news all the protesters at the LA temple. It was very disappointing to watch all this hate thrown at the church. But, i recieved an email from my friend Alisha, that i thought was very refreshing. I thought i would share with all of you. Take some time to read the article, it isn't very long.