Sunday, September 26, 2010

Someone came to visit us.

( knock, knock)
Josh: Well hello, do you want to come in. Deer: why thank you!

Deer: should i wipe my feet first?
Josh: No, i think its fine? (What do men know, shheesh)
Deer: Thank you kind sir.
Josh: would you like to watch a movie?

Deer: That sounds great! Where should i sit?

Deer: Where are u going?
Josh: I need to get my phone.
Deer: I will come with you.

I was not home for this. And my house was a mess because i just finished babysitting and had to run to the store. This is Belle the neighborhood deer. Our neighbor took it in. And now its gone because they couldn't keep it fenced in anymore. The kids thought the dialogue josh made up was so funny. And the deer did NOT poop in the house, just in case anyone was wondering. And it she was just in our house for like 2 minutes...she is really friendly. The kids miss her.

Clayton is 3

Clayton turned 3 on Sept 1st. He seems much older than that. He is such a great kid. He has a face that will melt your heart. I have a hard time disciplining him because he is just so cute. Oh and he has such a sweet little voice. He loves his big brother Wyatt. And right now, Wyatt lets Clayton tag along most of the time, unless i say no. He just runs with the big kids. He had such a great birthday surrounded by his family. He loves his fishing pole.

He is such a little stud.
PS. I'm down 24 pounds. Spin class has help out this past week.

Monday, September 20, 2010

First day of school

The kids started back to school in August. They were so excited. Wyatt is my sensitive boy, but he is doing so well. He has cried a couple of times at school. I think 1 st grade is the hardest because its all day. Its a huge adjustment. But he is doing great. We have SEPs this Friday so it will be neat to see how he is keeping up. He is such a smart, hardworking boy. He always tries to do his best. I'm so proud of him for working so hard and sticky to it. Hailey started Kindergarten. She loves it. She is so much more social than Wyatt. And she is doing well. She has made some new friends. She loves doing her homework. She is already reading. She is on a great start. They grow up so fast. She also has SEPs this week. So it will be great to see how she is doing. She is probably one of the youngest in her class. She just turned 5 in June. So i do hope she is keeping up with it all. Her writing has improved already.

Your probably asking yourself, well what are u doing now, you only have one at home now. I have picked up some babysitting kids. They are great kids and very easy to watch. Clayton gets along with them, most of the time. I only watch 3 extra kids. So i stay pretty busy with them. Along with my calling in the RS presidency and PTA Treasury. Life just keeps going. I'm still working out. I start a spin class tonight. I'm really excited to change it up a bit. I'm down 22 pounds. 25 more to go. So its great!