Saturday, March 27, 2010

Outdoors show

The other week, we went to the Outdoors expo. It was so much fun! They had so many things going on. They had "dock dogs", dogs that jump off docks. Lots of stuffed animals, and FREE stuff for the kids. The kids got to do some fishing too. Wyatt is awfully sad because he didn't catch a fish. With the touch of mom, I was able to help Hailey and Clayton catch a fish.

Clayton, had such a good time. Especially, when he caught a fish.
We tried to get a picture of the flopping
Hailey was on cloud 9 knowing that she got a fish.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sweet whispering

I woke up to Hailey going to the bathroom at 6:15 this morning. Clayton came out and those two were talking. Clayton had his library book from yesterday. This was their conversation. All in whispering voices.

"Clayton, do you want me to read that book to you." Hailey asked.
"Yes." Clayton said.
Hailey finished up in the bathroom and headed to her room. "Do you want to read it on my bed?" she asked.
"no." Clayton said "to many books on your bed."
"Do you want to read it on your bed?" Hailey asked.
"Yes." Clayton said.
And they proceeded to go into the bedroom and sit on Clayton's bed and read his book.

I love it when the kids are so sweet with each other. It definitely makes up for those moments they are not so sweet. I tried out curlers on Hailey's hair, I know she already has curly hair, but I thought it would give a tighter curl. Didn't work out like i thought, i will have to try it again sometime.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tricking Wyatt

Slacker Mom.

Happy Belated Birthday to Wyatt!!
(His birthday was back in Feb) Life has gotten away from me, and now I'm gaining control. This past Feb we had Wyatt's birthday. We were only going to a family party, but Wyatt had other ideas. He wanted a friend party so he told me when he turned 6.5 that he would have a party. So I said ok. We had 3 other boys come and we played Wyatt's grandparents Wii game system. They had so much fun playing star wars. We had an Indian Jonas cake per Wyatt's request.
Wyatt has grown up so fast. I can't believe he is 6. He loves school, and does very well. Just this past week we had parent, teacher and student conference, and he is doing great! His reading has progressed really well. And he has "excellent classroom behavior". We are proud of his hard work. He is still my outdoor kid, even when its freezing. Oh, and he loves cleaning he told me, just not picking up Its better than nothing right?! We love our Wyatt.
He is always full of surprises. I love that he feels comfortable to tell us stuff he hears at school, even though I don't always like what i hear. Wyatt told me the other day "girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider and boys go to mars to get more candy bars" I remember that one when i was a kid. He is such a great kid. I guess I'm biased because I'm his mother.