Thursday, January 31, 2008

Surgery today

Here is Wyatt after surgery, he looks pretty drugged up. But tonight he is doing pretty good. Actually a LOT better. The surgery went well. He has 3 pins in his arm. In two weeks he will get a hard cast. I hope everything goes well these next two weeks. We are celebrating his birthday on Monday with his best friend. They share the same birthday.

So these are pictures this morning before Wyatt left for his second surgery. He seems pretty happy! Not so much now. He really liked his green cast. Which is his favorite color. He is such a trooper!

Well Wyatt was in surgery, Hailey was enjoying her new favorite movie "Ellie enchanted" It was the funniest thing. She is so dang cute!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Bad News

Yesterday, Wyatt got his cast on finially, we could here the choir singing. We will post some pictures of his cool green cast later. We thought there was an end in site of the sleepless nights. But we got the call today, the doctor was looking at the xrays, and the bone wasn't perfect. And he wants to do the surgery again, and get it perfect. So we are going to start from scratch again. Tomorrow he goes in for the surgery for the second time. Poor kid, he is so scared. We talked to the doctor about letting Josh be in the room till he is asleep, and he said that is fine. I hope this makes a difference when he wakes up from it all. He had a really hard time. He just kept saying, "I want to go home!" He just said that over and over again. Please just keep him in your prayers for a fast recovery. Thanks to thoughs that were praying for him before. We will keep everyone updated.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gordon B. Hinckley

I just want to express my feeling about Pres. Hinckleys passing. I'm deeply sadden and yet joyful of Pres. Hinckleys passing. How wonderful it is to know that he is being greeted by thousands with open arms. What a marvlous site that would be to see. He has touched so many and he will never be forgot. He was the first Prophet i remember having an impact on my life and my family. He never was ashamed of his faith or afraid to share it with the world. He just had a way with people and was able to reach them on a personal level. I'm truely greatful for him and the example he was to the world. I'm greatful for my family for the love and support they have for me. I know this church is true, i feel it in my heart and I'm greatful to be able to share it with my family and others. I'm greatful for my parents making the right choices so that i can enjoy the blessing of being an eternal family. I love my friends and family. I hope we will embrace life just like Gordon B. Hinckley did. That we don't let time pass us by and embrace all that is good in this world and share our love for one another. Because we never tell each other enough how much we appriecate one another. Pres. Hinckley was a perfect example of what our Savior Jesus Christ wants us to be. I love all of you and i'm greatful all of you.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Late New Years Post

My dad and I decided to go for a snowshoe hike since there has been so much white stuff this year we saw "wasscally wittle wabbit" we were able to get about 5 feet from it.
this is up pole canyon a few minutes from our house

hailey had so much fun on the 4-wheelers on the sled, she crashed right out
Having fun pulling the kids on the sleds behind the wheelers

Wyatt making a snow angel

placing some targets on the dryer that we mutalated

Wyatt in the background playing around with jake my brother and uncle duane

For new years day we went shooting. We had alot of fun.

The first broke arm

He looks pretty comfortable all hopped on pain medication.

Here is a picture of Wyatt in his first split. He has a new one one since the surgery. Next week he will get his cast.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


So, I just want to update everyone on the recent events, I will definitely post some pictures in a little bit.
On Sunday morning i was preparing to put Clayton done for a nap, I was filling the humidafier and the kids were making their beds. All of a sudden i heard Wyatt fall and heard him scream like a little girl. He had fallen off the latter from his bunk bed. It was obvious that he broke his arm. Yes, my little boy, broke his arm. And he broke it good. He broke it on the growth plate. I woke up josh and he took Wyatt to the emergancy room. They took xrays and put a split on it. Well, after getting the run around from doctors. We got everything figured out. Wyatt went into surgery today to get everything put back together. It has been a ruff day for him today. We will see the doctor in two weeks to get a real cast on. So its been a long week with Wyatt in a split, and it will be another long two weeks with this new split. But the out come is suppose to be fine. I will post some pictures later. Just thought I would let everyone know what happened. Oh and Clayton is rolling over now...yeahhh Clayton!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Random Pictures

This is Clayton and Lily(David's little girl) they are two weeks apart. Clayton is like twice her size.

Me, Hailey, and Clayton just hanging out.

Daddy and Wyatt in camo. Wyatt loves to dress just like his dad.

This is Hailey and Cassidy. Cassidy is jackson's little sister. Hailey loves having her over, even though they are a year apart.

These are just a few random pictures. This is Jackson and Wyatt, they are best buds. And they also have the same birthday too. Except they are a year a part. They are going to celebrate their birthday this year together.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here is some cute pictures from our kids, for some reason they loved to take a picture in front of the tree. We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years, and the kids got everything they asked for from Santa. We even a visit from the old He is the nicest Santa. Hailey is not to sure of him. We spent christmas eve with Josh's family and Christmas day, David and his family joined us for two days. It was lovely! I enjoy having people over at our house.

Dang we have some really cute kids, and they look even cuter in stripes

Not every kids can say they actually had santa sit on their couch. This Santa is our neighbor, josh worked with him in the temple and he has been our Santa since we have moved in. His beard is really too. But fake...he grew it out one year and cut it off and made himself a beard. We didn't think he was coming this year, but he suprised us!

Aren't they sweet. They were so funny taking these pictures.

Future missionary! Isn't he so handsome?!

I think Clayton is as big as Hailey. lol..atleast his head is.

My beautiful kids!

So right before christmas, josh and i got the kids dressed up to take some cute pictures in front of the christmas tree. I think the lights on the tree made the lighting in the pictures wierd. But here are some of the best ones. I know i should have got them up sooner.