Sunday, November 4, 2007

sick kids

So last night was a long night. It started off with Hailey complaining of her tummy hurting. I thought she was just having some hunger pains, because she didn't eat dinner. So i gave her yogurt and not two minutes later, we all got to see what she ate early before. So we put the kids to bed and sweet Wyatt came out to tell us Hailey had thrown up in her bed. So Hailey camped out on the couch. About an hour and half later, Wyatt threw up. Than he threw up more in the bathroom all over the wall behind the toilet and cabinet, he didn't get to much in the toilet. So we all camped out in the living room. And enjoying the sweet smell of throw up. But after a long night the kids act like nothing happened. So now that the flu is done, the cleaning begins. I think that is all from the Smiths for now.

Weekend in SLC

Last Saturday we went to Grandma Greats house, Tracy Aviary, and to the zoo, we had so much fun! Here are the kids on the train going around the zoo.

This is the White Allegator that was at the SLC zoo. For Halloween, they called it "the ghost on the Bayou".

This one is from the Aviary . This Condor spread its wings for us and it scared Wyatt. It was amazing how big his wing span was.

The kids had a lot of fun in Grandma Greats leaves. Its amazing that leaves can provide hours of entertainment for kids.

Camille and Jesse went all out on the food for the family Halloween party. She was so creative!

My little rolly, polly pumkin man. He is 15 pounds now.

My night in shining amor and my little curly head doctor.

Handsome boys

Our beautiful pumkins! The kids had so much fun doing it.