Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ice Skating and The car show

Our mortgage company had a free Ice Skating night. So we jumped on the opportunity. It was the kids first time. And they were scared. I think it took like 20minutes to go around the rink one time...but by the second time..they were feeling more confident and didn't want to give up. I'm glad they didn't want to give up. They were doing great until Wyatt fell and re twisted his ankle. He twisted it two weeks ago. After ice skating we were able to have some donuts and hot chocolate. Thank you rocky mountain mortgage. Clayton did get was harder for him.

We also went to the car show. Its always fun to see all the fancy cars. Hailey fell in love with this car..i think it was more the color. And out of no where she started modeling...LOL. She is pretty photogenic.

The kids love the Jeep.
This is a pretty sweet car!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas shots.

We only got a couple of shots from Christmas. We video taped the rest. We had a wonderful Christmas. It always seems a bit of a rush, so next year I'm going to change some things up. I hope everyone had an lovely Christmas.

Ps. I'm down 37 pounds. Still working hard and watching what i'm eatting. Which is hard, after the holidays. I did gain 2 pounds over the holidays. So i have to get back on track. Doing pretty good this week.