Sunday, September 14, 2008

Picture perfect

On tuesday we had Wyatts game in the rain. It was really cold and rainy. It took the kids a little warming up to play well, they were all freezing. But i got this way cute picture of Hailey. I love it!!

A lot of FIRSTs this week

This past week we have had a lot of firsts! I straightened Hailey's hair for the first time. Crazy, she dosen't even look like Hailey with straight hair. Clayton got his first hair cut, thanks to Aunt Camille for teaching me how to do it. He did pretty good. Maybe one day, when the kids are older i will go to Cosmetology school. I would really love to do that one day.
Horray for Wyatt and his first day at preschool. It was sad, but happy too! He was so excited to go. He will make some great friends! He is growing up so fast. He is very creative, strong, sensitive, and a friend to everyone. And he LOVES catching grasshoppers. I don't know what he will do when winter comes around.
Hailey had her first Clogging lesson. I think it is a Utah thing, because i never heard of it til I moved here. She loves it so far. Its so cute seeing these little girls trying to dance. Its very cute!
The dance class and all the little girls, she is going to cut the class in half because its so big.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

September 6, 6 years of marriage

Hi everyone, This is Josh. Today is our 6th year of marriage on september 6. So its a very special day!
I wanted to tell MaryBeth how much I appreciate everything that she does as a mother and my wife! She does an exelent job! I dont think that words can express all that i feel for my dear wife, she is a great example to all the lives she touches (which are many)From yw to cub scouts to relief society to our children I dont know if she will ever really realize the full impact of what she does. She gives 110%
Thank you MaryBeth for all that you do!!!!! Iwould do it all over again, I wouldn't change anything! You are so special to me. You are an inspiration to me, and you are a great mom. thanks hon, I love you so much happy anniversery, love your hubby, Josh

Friday, September 5, 2008

M&M's a fruit or a veggie?

Food for thought.....We were at Walmart standing in the never ending line, with all tempting items a kid could dream of, Wyatt ask for M&Ms. I said no candy today, and he replied "Mom, M&Ms aren't candy, their M&Ms" Well, if thats the case, I guess we could get them.

Also, just a note, we do not dip our crackers in the standing water at the park. Just in case nobody knew that one.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Soccer time!!

I can't believe I have a kid in soccer. He is doing great, i even think he is coming out of his shell by doing it. He loves playing it. He is number 9, He assited on a goal. He had fun!!
Wyatts kicking the ball in.
Soccer pratice.
Hailey the cheerleader....she is so cute!!

Happy Birthday Clay, Clay!!!

On Sept 1st Clayton turned 1. He has grown up so fast. I just think he wants to keep up with his brother and sister. We did a party at Grandma and Grandpa house on Monday We also attended a parade on his birthday. That's pretty special to have a parade on your birthday. This picture is out of order.

Clayton got a lot of great gifts from his aunts, uncles, and cousins. He really does love them all, and i even think he knows that these are actually his and not his big brother or sister. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful gifts.

Yummy cake for the first time. A little apprehensive at first but ended up loving it.
OK, here are the pictures from the parade. It was cold, 50's. And we had this rain cloud just moving closer and closer. And yes it poured and hailed. So we didn't stay. but we had some fun just waiting for the parade to start.

This is Hailey in her new hat....I just love it.
Wyatt wanted me to take this picture and post it. He love his Indian Jones toy.

Mary, Mary.....How does your garden grow?

We did a family garden this year and its turning out great. Thanks to dad for a little advice here and there. I have already made a ton of salsa already. Its been fun and the kids love just eating the tomatos right off the vine.