Monday, December 3, 2007


So now that i have posted a ton of pictures, I will just give you an update on our family. Everyone is doing great! Clayton is finially sleeping through the night, 9 hours! woohoo. That is always great. Wyatt is becoming a big helper. He knows how to do so many things. He will fold his own clothes and put them away. He will set the table, wipe down all the base boards in the house, and wipe doors and door knobs. Wow, I sound like a slave He is really becoming mommies big helper. Hailey, has become such a mom. She carries around her baby and little diaper bag. I think her baby goes through more diapers than Josh is staying busy with work. And i'm staying busy with the kids. I'm also playing city volleyball. It is so much fun, we are only 1 for 4. Hopefuly we do better this week. We are preparing for Christmas and so are our neighbors. Pretty much ever neighbor in our neighborhood has put lights on their houses. Its really neat to see so many lights just in our neighborhood.

Here are some other pictures of the kids. They are definitely a handful, but i wouldn't change it for the world.

When David and Danica were in town, we were able to attend Lily's baby blessing. It was so nice, and the kids had so much fun at Danica's brothers home. It seemed like Sam liked Hailey, he took a toy away from Jensen to give to Hailey, he was so
Lily looked so pretty in her blessing dress.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. It was the first time in two years that we had thanksgiving with Josh's family. And everyone on his family was their except Carrie and Russ they were coming back from Hawaii. I made a veggie tray, two pumpkin pies, two pecans(which i cooked to long, they carmelized), and i made mash potatoes. It was a lovely time. Apparently, the pictures I took on Thanksgiving were blurry. So I guess Josh needs to show me how to take a good

Right before Thanksgiving we had the privage of having David, Danica, and their family came and visited. We always enjoy spending time with them. The kids love it too. Lily and Clayton were so cute together. Jensen, Wyatt and Hailey played pretty good together. We sure wish they lived closer.