Thursday, May 27, 2010


So I'm going way back, well at least to the first week in April. We had an opportunity to head to Illinois for a couple of days. We stopped in Colorado for a couple of days to visit my brother and his wonderful wife and kids. I think we inspired to come the time we did. My sister in law had issues with her gall bladder and was recovering from that. So we were able to help out.

We were able to go to the zoo too. It was so much fun!

We headed to Illinois after Colorado. We were able to hang out with my brother Bill and his wonderful wife and kids. Jeremy and I were able take some time to fly a kite. We had a good time until it got stuck up in the tree.

We went to a cute little town in Wisconsin. Its called New Glarus.
It reminded me of Midway a bit. It had such yummy food. Oh and cows, the kids thought that was awesome.
My dad, josh and Wyatt, went on a little road trip. They got to see some awesome stuff.

They also went for a nice walk..I love Illinois for that, there are sooo many walking trails.

It was an amazing time! The kids had fun reconnecting with their cousins!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Cutie? Of course we think so, but so does he! I did my weekly grocery shopping today and as i was going through the check out register I let Clayton go play over at the arcade..Don't judge, i could still see
There were a bunch of little 3 and 4 year old girls playing over there too. When i was done at the register, i went and got Clayton and we headed to the car.
When we got there, he said "those girls think I'm cute"
and i said "really?"
Clayton laughed and replied "yes!, its cute"
and of course i was laughing too. He really is full of

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ode to Wyatts pants

Dear Wyatt's pants,

Why oh why do you not last,
Is if from the running around,
or maybe the wrestling,
Oh maybe its from all of the falling down.
Why won't you last,
3months is not long enough,
Do you like him getting a cool breeze now and then,
Or maybe its the feel of looking cool, that you like
But you don't stop there do you, you continue to rip and tear
now i find you in the rear end,
Did your mother not teach you to be modest
So now your worn down,
But Wyatt still loves you and cares for you,
There is no way of even making you into shorts,
So when its nice and hot,
We will fold you up and place you nicely in the trash,
And bid you farewell.
Good by Wyatt's pants, and good riddance.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Cleaning

If only I looked that good when i was doing my spring cleaning. Today i had a my basketball shorts and my dirty black tee...very feminine I might If i dressed better while cleaning, I wouldn't feel so uncomfortable going outside to throw trash away.

You know if i just kept up on some of this stuff, it wouldn't be such a big deal, but who cleans out the back of their cabinets on a daily basics. So I'm working my way down my list in hopes that I can keep on top of some of this stuff better. A clean slate. Ha ha, a clean slate when you have kids in the house....does that even exist. As I was wiping down my cabinets today, a little boy decided it would be great to wipe his sticky otter pop hands on my clean cabinet. Why oh why did i not just get that boy a wash cloth and have him help me out. Instead I shood him to go play.

Oh, and on a side note, i should be writing about our fun road trip we took to Illinois back in April. It will come sometime, even if its 3 months later.
So I will continue my mission on cleaning and decluttering my house tomorrow. Maybe if i wear a dress, it might help out. She looks happy in the picture, don't you think. But in all reality, I am happy with what i accomplished today. It looks tons better. So yeah for cleaning.