Friday, July 23, 2010

woman in trainning.

7 weeks, almost 8 weeks ago i started training for a triathlon. Let me say its a "beginners". I needed to do some changing in my life. I have been wanting to lose weight, but the changes never stuck. I came across the idea of doing a triathlon. My sister in law Danica ask me last year, and i was like NNOOOO way. But it was just the right time to make some changes. So in November, i will be doing a beginners triathlon. This is so new to me. But I'm finally see results. I have lost 9 pounds to this day. I can jog 1.5 miles without stopping now. I have even started working on my biking with my friend Jenny. I haven't gotten in to swimming yet. But very soon. I will be doing my second 5K in two weeks. My first was like 10 years I'm feeling good about my progress. I just started walking and worked my way up.

I will keep you posted of my progress, and i will show pictures. I'm excited about it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa McDonald

In June my parents came for a visit. We all enjoyed our time together! We got to go to the park and feed the ducks. And believe me they have really multiplied since we have been there. Last week I think I counted about 25 baby ducks, give or take a few.

We even got to go camping. I think I'm getting to old to camp on the ground..we need to get some new mattresses. We had fun. We were one of the first people up there since they opened up the canyon. We find out later, that we were sharing our camp site with about 5 bears, from what i heard. The morning after we slept my dad said he saw some fresh bear poop. Its a good thing we know to put ALL of our food away. HELLO, its a canyon, its there home.
We even convinced my mom to sleep out too! Thanks mom!
Nooo innuendo here..nope not at all. My parents crack me up sometimes.

We had to head to bed early because it started to rain. We missed out my dads amazing campfire stories. Its fun to tell stories aroound the fire. Thanks mom and dad for going camping with us.
The kids having fun in the tent. Clayton needed a drink in the middle of the night. That's always fun!
We got to go to the zoo. And it was beautiful weather!! And thanks to my dads GPS, we didn't get lost this
First time I have ever seen the bird show. It was awesome! I will never miss it again!!

And we are so grateful for my dad helping us do the electrical in the basement!!!! We are one step day, it will be done.


I always do these backwards. We had the privilege to keep two horned lizards for about a month. Josh and Wyatt went on a little adventure up the canyon on 4-wheelers and went hunting for some toads. Wyatt was so excited to bring them home. The picture below is when we let them go and said our farewells. Cute little guys aren't I didn't let them stay in my house, they lived in a cage outside in our garage. I'm not sure how much they ate, it was Wyatt's job to take care of them. I know they had plenty of water.

Wyatt and Clayton LOVED having them. But we had to let them go. They got smaller, because they weren't eating enough. They had so much fun with them. It was a nice little pet.
Below they are hanging on Wyatt's shirt. Side note, in Kindergarten Wyatt did a report on Horned lizards. He is such a fun kid.