Saturday, August 20, 2011

I don't want to grow up!

Last night our dear sweet Clayton had a break down. We were talking about families and how they will grow up and we would become grandma and grandpa. Oh did the tears start coming. "I want to stay a kid. I want you to stay my mom and dad to stay my dad. And Hailey and Wyatt to stay kids too" It was so sweet, Clayton was stroking my face saying i don't want you to be a grandma, your my mom. I had tears of laughter and tears of sorrow.(must be this pregnancy) He was still so sad, no matter what i said, i couldn't make it better. So we changed the subject to talking about his birthday. He is turning 4 in about a week and a half. That cheered him up. We love our Clay Clay!


Bridget said...

That's sweet, but so sad too! I wish we didn't have to grow up either!